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First Time Home Buyers Corner 5/8/2017-5/14/2017


By Kertisha Cobb

I cannot tell you the many conversations that I have had over the years with consumers wanting to purchase a home for the first time. What I have found in those years is that the consumers say that they want a home, however they never set the goals necessary in order to reach it. As I tell anyone wanting to meet certain marks in life, setting goals are going to help take you straight to them. Its not enough to just attend First Time Home Buyers Seminars, it is about having a sure plan that will get you on the path to home ownership sooner! Here are a few steps that may assist anyone in reaching that monumental step:

1.) Set a Home Budget

  • Create a spreadsheet to view where your finances are going per month. You can also purchase monthly budget booklets from your local dollar store. This is can be a eye opener for many, simply because we never truly realize how much we spend per month on bills until its is on paper. Remember, it takes money to purchase real estate. Even if you may use a bank to finance the purchase, there are still items that will come out of pocket. For example, appraisals costs, inspection costs, and etc. Saving money is key!!

2.) Start Researching Potential Neighborhoods To Live

  • Check neighborhoods that you want to live in the most. By the time you employ a Realtor to help you, then you should have a clear idea as to where you would want to reside.

3.) Write Out A Home Wish List

  • Think of the things that you want most in your home. Whether it maybe a 4 bedroom home with 3 bathrooms. Remember to write the vision and make it plain!

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